Welcome, dear visitors!

You are now at the MoH Database which will include every tutorial, prefab and file of any of

the 3 MoH(AA/SH/BT) games in existance.

Building still in progress...

There are 2 main categories in the site.
  1. File Database - This will include every file (scripts, maps, skins...etc) from MoH:AA/SH/BT
  2. Knowledge Database - This will include all existing tutorials(and new), all knowledge and info found on the major MoH Forums

However I first want to finish the Knowledge Database before I start the File Database. Which doesn't mean you cannot send links of the files to me.
If you do I'll add them as soon as possible. The files must be uploaded externally (more on this in Add File). If they are already uploaded by someone else no problem follow the instructions to adding files in the Add File section.

The point of all this?

That's a very good question. The point of this wiki database is to put all files and knowledge about MoH:AA/SH/BT in 1 place for the public to access.
The difference between other MoH filebases is that I can give readme's, screenshots and I determine whether a file is good enough to be added. Also files don't magically disappear. As for the "knowledge" I will categorize/process all forum data, clean them up and put them here. Anything about mapping/scripting/...etc you need to know will be in here. If it's not then I'll put up support links and mails where you can get your answer!


I'm very involved with forums and modding groups so all new files, scripts, tricks etc... you should know about will be posted here. New scripting methods will come to your attention! Of course I am a modder myself and I will have help from other great modders of MoH to maintain this site!

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